The Resource Center is a place where our guests can shower, do their laundry, and use the Center’s computers to apply for jobs and housing. They are supported in this by our three-part time Support Service Coordinators and a full-time Program Director.

The C.A.R.E.S. program is open October through April. During these cold weather months, the program provides a warm and safe environment for up to 30 individuals a night at our host churches.

The Resource center increases opportunities for the homeless to :

-Have a safe environment during the day, out of the elements

-Have a daily routine and responsibilities

-Ongoing support to stay in contact with housing, legal, and employment resources

-Learn how to be accountable in a community setting

-Acquire self-worth and dignity

-Improve life skills through educational opportunities

Intake Process

Call the Resource Center to speak with staff to see if there are available openings. 717-334-4195

You must be able to pass a warrant check.

Staff will review criminal background- We cannot take registered sex offenders or those with any violent or sexual offenses.

Individual must agree to the rules of the shelter which can be obtained at the Resource Center (117 York Street, Gettysburg)

Individual must have good physical mobility to do steps and a lot of walking around town.